Edtech 505: Reflection 5B

The goal of my final project for EdTech505 is to evaluate an online course on Philosophy and Professional Ethics, which will be offered to hundreds Business undergraduate and graduate students next semester. The course has 8 (eight) online classes which are now on the Flash version phase. My responsibility now is to validate the course, that is to say, to review the 8 classes for which I produced content, which was transformed to multimedia by a third party vendor.

I am mainly willing to suggest final changes for the course.

I already have data collected from the professor who works as tutor for the courses, which sent improvement suggestions for the 8 classes. I plan to follow in a one-to-one way about 2 to 3 students, following how they flow through the 8 classes, ask them to read aloud, note the doubts they have, where they need to stop etc. Besides that, I have elaborated a long rubric which will be used for about 150 students at a distance, who will choose one of the classes, follow it from beginning to end, and apply the evaluation rubric.

Then I plan to consolidate all the data collected, giving feedback to the university with the main important changes to be made, in a way that it does not generate too much work for the multimedia vendor.

I have learned through the project up to this point, among other important things, that the elaboration of the rubric is a key point in the evaluation process.

I hope to have enough data next week, so that during the weekend I am able to work on the changes suggestions, and finish the project.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to evaluate the questions that will be used as assessment for the students, which might be another evaluation project. In the same sense, I will not be able to evaluate knowledge retention after the classes – students will only be analyzing design, clarity, and content organization.

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